Dinghy sailing boats of the Club Nàutic Estartit

Here you can see the entire fleet of sailing dinghies that you can find in the Club Nàutic Estartit and that are available for rentals and for courses





It is a catamaran where the little ones enjoy multihull sailing and adults enjoy speed.

Technical boat for advanced level sailors.

It is equipped with a mainsail, jib, asymmetric and two wishbones.


  • No. of crew: 1–5
  • Crew Weight (kgs): 80 - 150
  • Beam: 2.35m
  • Trapezes: 2
  • Sail area: 25.15m2
  • Length (m): 4.7

RENTAL: 175€/3h   200€ deposit






It is the best boat to start in the world of sailing. Its maximum capacity is 8 people. It is a very stable boat, perfect for experimenting in the open sea.

Very easy and safe mating. Equipped with mainsail and jib


  • No. of crew: 2–8
  • Crew weight (kgs): 120–300
  • Beam: 1.47m
  • Sail area: 6.9 m2
  • Length (m): 5.02

RENTAL: 125€/3h   200€ deposit




Very versatile boat of the latest generation. This sailing dinghy can be used during learning in the world of sailing from the most basic level to the most advanced.

It is a boat with a capacity for 2-4 people, stable and moderate mating.


  • No. of crew: 2–4
  • Crew weight (kgs): 100–200
  • Beam: 1.83m
  • Trapezes: 1
  • Sail area: 22m2
  • Length (m): 4.29

RENTAL: 125€/3h   200€ deposit






One of the new boats of the prestigious English shipyard RS

This sailing dinghy has a capacity for 1-3 people, fun and is suitable for both beginners and experienced people

Stable boat and very easy mating. It is equipped with mainsail and jib.


  • No. of crew: 1–3
  • Crew weight (kgs): 35–225
  • Beam: 1.47m
  • Trapezes: -
  • Sail area: 6.9m2
  • Length (m): 3.59

RENTAL: 90€/3h   200€ deposit





Boat with capacity for 1-2 people suitable for intermediate-advanced level sailors. Unstable and very fun boat for people who already have experience in the world of sailing.

It is equipped with: mainsail, jib and asymmetric.


  • No. of crew: 1–2
  • Crew weight (kgs): 60–150
  • Beam: 1.47m
  • Trapezes: -
  • Sail area: 15
  • Length (m) 3.64

RENTAL: 90€/3h   200€ deposit





Boat for basic-medium level sailors with capacity for 1-2 people

Very simple mating boat equipped with mainsail and jib especially recommended for beginners in the world of sailing.


  • No. of crew: 1–2
  • Crew weight (kgs): 35–150
  • Beam: 1.42m
  • Trapezes: -
  • Hull weight: 58kg
  • Length (m) 3.53

RENTAL: 90€/3h   200€ deposit




Sailing dinghy designed for boys and girls who want to get started in the world of individual sailing.

This boat has the capacity for one person and is very versatile, fun and easy to assemble.

It is equipped with a mainsail.


  • No. of crew: 1
  • Crew weight (kgs): 30–70
  • Hull weight: 39 kg
  • Trapezes: -
  • Sail area: 3.5 m2
  • Length (m) 2.87

RENTAL: 70€/3h   200€ deposit




It is the dinghy sailing in which boys and girls begin to compete in the world of regattas.

It is a technical and complicated boat in which children between 5 and 15 years old learn the most important concepts and techniques of navigation and are trained as sailors.


  • No. of crew: 1
  • Crew Weight (kgs): 35-60
  • Beam: 1.12m
  • Trapezes: -
  • Sail area: 3.5m2
  • Length (m) 2.36

RENTAL: 70€/3h   200€ deposit